Legal representation/Litigation:

Attorney at law Tunchev ensures legal representation for clients and legal interest and rights protection at judicial instances on civil, criminal and administrative cases.

Attorney at law Tunchev ensures legal representation at administrative institutions for physical persons and legal entities.

(Written and oral) Consulting:

Legal cases, topics and project investigation

Individual strategy and plan elaboration regarding case specifics

Adequate and timely legal actions in order to implement effectively the elaborated strategy

Cases investigation:

Written and oral consultation in relation with the initiated lawsuit

Parties’ rights and obligations clarification

Clarification of procedure options for parties and legal opinion on procedure activities accomplishment

Estimation on current procedure actions and consequences

Legal protection

Opinion on legal topics:

Written opinion on legal topic

Clarification of clients’ rights, obligations and options

Legal advices in actions to be undertaken

Action plan elaboration

Risks estimation

Legal advice on paper elaboration:

Legal advice on all types of paper elaboration – requests, litigations, applications, claims and other related with client’s order.